Friday, December 15, 2017

Ranfurly heating up

Hi all, just back from a successful Ranfurly trip with a great bunch of boys from Singapore and things are starting to heat up. It was all about the lures on this one with all the fish falling to Jigs as well as some  nice fish on stick baits as well. Puka were easy to come by, despite nothing of any great size, and a few nice Trumpeter were good to see as well. The little tuna have shown up, mainly skippies, as well as a nice Albacore on a stick bait. With the bait there the Marlin cant be to far behind, till next time cheers, Phil.

M.M. doing well to hold up this 35kg Ranfurly Hog
Terrence with a solid one
Boris feeling the burn

Djanson just under 30 

Jayden with an average one

Jayden with a nice Albacore on a stick bait

Roger high 20's

M.M. with another nice King

Simon 31kg on a stick bait

Roger with an average Ranfurly Puka

Boris with one of the bigger Hapuka

Jayden 30kg (stick bait)

Terrence happy with this one

Jayden into the Bass

Terrence hooked up in perfect conditions

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