Friday, May 12, 2017

More Three King Monsters

Hi all just back from another stunning kings trip, this time we had a group of 15 keen Aussy's on 2 boats wanting to smash it up at the kings, not sure who got smashed the most with many broken rods blown up reels and some rod and reel combo's even ripped out of their hands and dragged to the bottom !! . The kingi's are sure biting like no tomorrow with so many hog fish it's bear county meaning go loaded for bear don't take a knife to a gun fight you lose every time. Till next time cheers Lance

Tim 32kg

Mark solid puka

Warwick with one of his many over 30kg 

Debbie with a monster 35kg

Another shot of Debbie's hog

Brett happy with this solid puka

Andrew nice one at 31kg

Mark horse 34kg

Warwick again with mules

Warwick more hogs

Andrew beast at 37kg

Warwick horse 36kg

Andrew again over 30kg

Brett 36kg

Gordon holds up Tims 34kg king for him

Warwick yet again strikes gold

Debbie 32kg

Brett 35kg hog

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