Tuesday, May 30, 2017

this week on cova rose

Quinton and his 30kg plus fish

Adrian with a nice fish

Quinton with a nice bass

Kevin  struggling to hold his king

Edward with his fish

Ned with his nice 30kg king

Graham with his hog

Kevin with another nice fish

Adrian with a nice king

Adrian with a show stopper bass

Ned hidden by his hapuka

Ed with his hapuka

this week on Enchanter

This week on Enchanter we had the boys from the west side of Auckland who had an awesome trip at the kings with everyone landing king fish to 30kg and over the bottom fishing was good too with big Hapuka,bluenose and bass on the menu this is the last trip for enchanter at the kings for the season and a good season at that only a couple trips for cocvarose left then westcoast Bluefin season will start till next season cheers Nate.

choppy with a nice king

steven with his hog

jarred nice bang on 30

buzz with a pig 31kg

jarred with his hog 32kg

cole happy with this king

jarred again bang on 30

matty with his nice kingfish

josh his monster bluenose

joshy double header nice

choppy good eating bass

jocks solid puka

solid matty at 33kg

jocks showstopper at 38kg

choppy slayin it at 35kg

buzz solid at 30kg

matty getting the job done bang on 30kg

jarred with huge puka

josh solid 32kg

good times father n son
buzz stoked with his snapper

buzz solid 32kg

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Ray White boys do it at the kings

The boys from RayWhite had plenty of action this week . They managed to catch a nice stripe marlin and some good size snapper on the way up . The bottom fishing treated them well with plenty of good Hapuka and bass . They also caught some hogs of king
Rob with his first marlin

the team with Robs marlin

Dave with a nice snapper

Rob with a nice king

Rob does it again with nice hog

Marty with his king

Rob with a nice 30kg fish

Dave manges to catch his PB

Norm with his beast
fish making it a great all round trip .

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hog city at The Kings

Hi all , just back from our latest kings trip and in between the gales the boys smoked over some real hogs with the best kingi going a massive 40kg on the button. Hapuka  and bass are still biting well with not too much time spent to get a good feed for the folks back home, again many of the puka were massive up to 50kg. Water temps are still up there at 19c but the marlin are thin on the ground with none seen for the last few trips , but with everything else firing who cares. till next week cheers Lance

Teggy  nice 30kg

Adam hog at 35kg

Dillon  pig at 34kg 

Genius  massive at 36kg 

Craig solid puka

Teggy with his hog puka

Dillon happy with this nice table puka

Genius big puka on the jig

Adam with his eater

Teggy nice Bass

Roe nice double header

Chris solid at 33kg

Craig with his biggie 32kg

Chris again with monsters 35kg

Dillon huge at 34kg !!

Adam strikes again

Dillon massive at 38kg !!!

Chris yet again

Chase huge at 34kg

Chase showstopper 40kg !!!

Teggy again breaks the 30kg

Craig all smiles with this hog

Roe breaks the 30-kg at 32