Sunday, April 30, 2017

Three Kings Firing like no Tomorrow

Hi all well as the title states the kings are on fire with the latest trip having a slammer. The kingi's are big and biting like no tomorrow with many hogs smoking the boys, some fish are virtually unstoppable smashing 130lb braid like cotton, we landed many in the 30's and lots in the high 20's . Bass and hapuka have really upped their game with the average size 35-45 absolute pigs, some of the puka are pushing close to 50kg about as big as they get. Till next time cheers Lance
Simon monster 36kg

Dave hidden by his 31kg hog

Stan solid at 33kg

Greenie 32kg

Scottie happy with this solid 34kg hog

Simon strikes again 34kg

Greenie holds up another pig at 33kg

Stan with yet another hog

Scottie more mules

Rowdy another 34kg

Scottie yet again

Simon monster hapuka 48kg !!!

Stan 51kg bass

Scottie happy with this solid Bass

Coop's horse of a puka

Greenie monster Bluenose

Carl with the showstopper 38kg !!!!

Coop's solid at 33kg

Coop's with a nice Bass

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