Thursday, April 6, 2017

This week Pacific Invader

Fishing has been insane this week on invader with a group from Gipsland Victoria smashing the king fish over with everyone catching multiple fish over 30k and mid to high 30's with three going 38kg, also tag and releasing a very solid striped marlin est 90kg and a short bill spearfish in the mix the three kings is going off. Till next week cheers Nate
Ralfy with his short bill spearfish

Rods striped marlin

Ralfys solid 36 kegga

Brads nice 32kg fish

Cougs with his31kg king

Ralf bang on 30

Jezza's solid kingfish

Ralf with a monster 37kg

Kat nice kingfish at 31 kg

Jezza 33kg pig

Ralf bent bad

Ralf with a show stopping 38kg muel 

Jezza with his monster 38kg

Brads hog 36kg

A couple nice trevs on the light gear

nice trev for cougar man

Ralf with another hog 35kg

Cougar man with a 34kg king

Brad with his 34kg pig

Kat with his show stopper 38 kg

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