Monday, April 17, 2017

This Week on Pacific Invader

Another awesome trip at the kings this week for invader we had a group called team ning nong from the gong they experienced the true power of king fish with the top kingfish going a monster 35kg and everyone breaking 30kg mark with that boxed ticked off we chased some big northland reds and come up with the goods the heaviest going whopping 10.04kg and many more over the 5kg mark no marlin seen this week but with the good forecast we might look for a swordy till next week cheers Nate

josh with his 30kg

Marty with a 33kg pig

justin with his 35kg hog

josh with his31kg fish

marty happy at 32kg

good snapper for marty

marty again 

Justin massive 10.04kg

34kg for Jay

Muz solid at 33kg

Jay with a nice snapper

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  1. Unreal looking forward to me being in these photos in 2 weeks great effort!!