Saturday, April 22, 2017

This week on Enchanter

Hi all just back from our latest kings trip and it was hog city as usual, this time we had a great bunch of kiwi's wanting to get punished by the green backed thugs and the place didn't disappoint with so many over 30kg it was silly, John landing no fewer than six over the magic mark and everyone on board breaking the thirty kg barrier. With the boys wanting a good feed for the folks back home we spent half a day on the bottom with stunning puka fishing landing many doubles and fish close to 50kg of all species. Good fishing, good weather and some great blokes what  fishing trips are all about, till next week cheers Lance.     

John with the first of his six over 30kg !!!

John massive at 36kg !!

Ash with a solid one

Hazey massive hog at 35kg

John 31kg

Ash 33kg

Terry's monster 34kg

Willie happy with his solid king

Ash strikes again

Rick couldn't sleep and caught this on anchor

Terry monster bluenose 35kg

John happy with this solid puka

Ash nice table bass

Terry on the big pukas

Jack nice double header

John massive puka

Ash plenty of nice eating fish

John with yet another hog

Jack stoked with this pig at 34kg

Hazey  nice 32kg

John so many hogs for him

Rick huge 36kg

Jack strikes again

Ash more monsters

John with a super long king

Rick nice Bass

Ash yet again 33kg fatty

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