Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This Week on Enchanter

Hi all well week after week it's the same old story kingi's continue to bite their tits off, the latest trip was no exception with the boys nailing some true monsters the biggest going 37kg with many more in the thirties and lots in the twenty's. Only a couple of drops were done for the table and more hog hapuka fell to the baits the biggest going 46kg. Marlin again have put their heads down in a rollercoaster run on the stickfaced ones but with everything else on fire who cares really. The Three kings is such a special place  we are blessed to have it in our back yard. Till next week cheers Lance
Joey nice average king

Joey happy with this 30kg model

Charlie hidden by this monster 34kg

Benny with one of his many of 30kg

Benny strikes again 

Martin with a hog

George looking over his 33kg thug

Wayne with his pig

Charlie strikes again

Martin huge at 37kg

Joey with another solid king

Luke solid Bass

Joey  happy with this monster puka

Martin with his monster

Grieg 32kg

Benny 31kg

Benny huge at 35kg

Adding to the arsenal Enchanter custom made lures... courtesy of Benny

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