Friday, April 21, 2017

looks like everyone's out of ideas for post titles...

Hi all, just back from another stunning 5 day Kings trip, this time with a great group of Kiwi and Aussie boys . The Kingies were at their best and bit the baits well though the big boys are still not interested in the metal with Dom landing the best at a solid 35kg. Bottom fish on the other hand bit the jigs well, with a good variety including some truly massive Bluenose in the mix. A solid Stripey was a nice surprise and a surprise it was coming out some very bleak looking green water. Just goes to show there are still a few out there, just when we were ready to give up on them. Till next time cheers, Phil

Dom's 35kg Pig

Fred breaking the 30's

Nathan solid at 33kg

Jim's Stripey est.110kg

Dean happy with his big Puka

Dom with a MONSTER Bluenose

Jim nice Bass on the jig

John with a nice Puka on the jig

Dean's 33 kegger

Fred's massive Puka

Mark 31kg

Pete into the Hogs

Fred with another over 30kg

John bang on 30

Mark with a nice one in the high 20's

An average fish for Fred

Another nice one for Pete

Jim 31kg left it till the last drift

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