Sunday, April 30, 2017

firing at the kings

Geoff (tazie) with his first three kings king

George with a nice king

George with a 30kg plus kingie
cunno with another 30 kg plus fish

Kyle with a good fish
Geoff with a hog

alex with a hog

Luke with real nice 30kg fish
George struggling to hold his king

Andrew with his 32kg kingie

Alex with his nice hapuka
Geoff with a nice size bass
Geoff witn a nice double header

Paul with a nice bass

a good jig caught fish

Alex with a 35 kg plus fish

Cunno with a hog of a fish

Cunno does it again

Alex nails a nice hapuka

Geoff does it angain with another over 30kg

Luke with his over 30kg kingie

alex with another hog

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