Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Metal mayham pt 2

Hi all just back from our second metal trip with Jigstar Africa, and just when we thought things couldn't get any better they did !.This week the kingi's really upped their game with so many over 30kg it was ridicules, jigs  again were the primary weapon of choice but baits were also used went the jigs went quiet. Hapuka  and bass again were found in numbers and size with lots in the 40kg bracket pleasing to note all on metal. The boys put in one night for a sword and came up trumps with a est 200kg beast , these fish are so hard it took 9 hours of blood sweat and tears  to beat the angry animal they say photo's say more than words so I will let the photo's do the talking, hard to choose from with over 100 photo's but here goes, Till next week cheers Lance
Beta with the Gladiator est 200kg 

Beta average sized king

Mark with a solid king 31kg

Mark with another hog 33kg

Beta More monsters 35kg

Roy happy with his 33kg

Mike huge 36kg beast

Pig at 35kg

Mark's monster 38kg !!!

Mark again high 30's at 37kg

Bobby's beast 34kg

Mark with more mules 31kg

Beta huge 36kg

Bobby stoked with another pig 34kg

Bobby again 36kg

Mark with a average sized king

Bobby's Bass 42kg

Mike's monster puka 45kg

Roy with a solid Bluenose

Manny solid puka

more hogs

Beta 37kg mule

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