Sunday, March 19, 2017

Heavy metal at the 3 Kings

Pete with a nice one in the high 20's

Hi all just back from our latest kings trip, Clem Henry and 3 of his  friends from Sweden had planned a metal raid on the 3 kings and the theme was to be jig ONLY no bait was to be used at all, if you had read my last post you would of read that just at the moment jigs are not working as well as bait because of the large amount of bait ie squid around they have been feeding up large and have become very fussy in what they chew on. So was to my horror that these guy's would not buckle and stood strong  we live by the jig we die by the jig was the call, well when all the dust settled the jigs came through in the end and many good fish were landed all on jigs, at times the bite went off and the boys had to mix it up with different styles and different jigs but eventually they would strike gold again. Only kingis  were on the agenda and we never targeted anything else, and they kept a tally of what they caught see photo, not a bad tally for four jig fisherman. till next week cheers Lance
Hendricks stoked with this hog on top water 32kg

Clem locked in battle

Clem with a fatty

Clem 26kg

Juse loaded

Juse 33kg pig !

Pete 34kg hog fat ass !!

Clem into more solid kings

Pete again with solid fish

Juse lots in the high 20's

Many of this average size

Clem big jigs big fish

Hendricks happy with this average king

Juse hooked up on top yeehaa !!

Clem's monster 34kg

Hendricks more solid fish


Clem with another pig

Juse happy with this by catch 61kg Bass

Not a bad tally for metal only !

Pete again breaks the 30's at 32kg

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