Sunday, March 5, 2017

All good at the Kings

Hi all just back from another 5 day Kings trip with a great bunch of boys from Aussie and once again it was all good. The Kingies bit well with plenty of fish in the mid to high twenties and early thirties, nothing in the high thirties this trip but who knows how big the ones were that dusted the boys off. A good feed of Bass was not too hard to come by, Anthony nailing the best at 40kg with another couple of nice fish in the high 30's as well. No Marlin this time, not even a shot, but on a more positive note there seems to be a lot more skippies around in close, the Marlin will be there as well. Till next time cheers, Phil

Bryan 25kg

Craig behind this one 31kg

Rob loaded up

Rob 33kg

Rob 28kg

Craig 31kg

Anthony 32kg

Craig's 36kg Bass

Bryan just under 30kg

Rob with an average one

Anthony solid at 32kg

Dave (Marv...)

Craig with another nice one

Rob with a solid Bass on the 1200 gram jig

Camera's down here Tangles...

Bryan breaking the 30's at 31kg

Craig, high 20's

Marcus 30kg

Anthony 26kg

Jason's 34kg hog

Marcus 27kg

Craig into the hogs again

The Enchanter fleet tracking the fish down

Craig's first fish of the trip, 31kg

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