Thursday, March 30, 2017

Three Kings goes off again

Hi all, 
well this week the Three Kings has gone off again, the latest trip with Simon and his mates from Hunting and Fishing Rotorua . They had an awesome trip with many kings over the magical 30kg mark, with the biggest going 38kg;  Bottom fishing doesn't get any better with the biggest bass 57kg and hapuka to 35kg.  Marlin were around but no luck with a big blue jumping back onto the mainline and breaking off,  water temp is good and bait fish are around so watch this space,
Simon with the monster 38kg !!!
till next week cheers Nate 

Onion's 32kg  king

paul nice king 29.9

simon with solid king

shauno nice hapuka 35kg

skidder solid at 32kg

john's hapuka

simons showstopper at 57kg

onions massive 37kg

solid king for john

shauno with a solid 34 kegga

skidder nice one at 32 kegs

skidder massive at 37kg

gordy solid bang on 30kg

All about the big Kingies at the Kings

Hi all, just back from another very successful 5 day Kings trip with a great bunch of boys from Melbourne and the NT of Aussie and this time it was all about the big Kingies. With some great fishing and stunning weather to match the boys all got on to some good fish, Rob landing the best at a solid 35kg. The Kingies bit the baits well while the journey up and back down saw a couple of Marlin in the spread but not enough interest for a hook up. Not much more to report this time, till next week cheers, Phil.  

Rob's 35kg Hog

Coxy 31kg 

a 'small' one for Rob

Aurish, high 20's

Aurish, early 30's

Coxy into the Hogs at 33kg

Brad loaded up

Brad, early 30's

Froggy 26kg

Cookie with an average fish

Tom happy with this pig of a fish

Froggy just under 30kg

Aurish 27kg

Coxy 31kg

Cookie high 20's

Rob smashing more hogs

Rob with another nice one

Coxy breaking the 30's again

Aurish with a Three Kings mule 

Brad 31kg

Rob 30kg

Enchanter in trouble...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Three Kings on Fire

Rex about to release his tagged stripey

Rex and a monster Bluenose
 Hi all well the 3 kings is on fire big time, the fishing on all fronts is simply stunning. In short everything is biting their tits off and I mean everything, and size well it doesn't get much better with the latest trip nailing true monsters biggest Bass 69kg, biggest hapuka 47kg, biggest blue nose 30kg, and many hog kingis over 30kg with the best going 37kg, throw in 3 angry striped marlin and you have the best of the best. The 3 kings we salute you. Till next week cheers Lance 
Rex with a huge Hapuka 47kg

David 38kg

Rex with a mega Bass 51kg !!!

Young happy with this solid Bass 43kg

Wang with this monster 57kg

David with a eater

David again with a hog 35kg

Richard with the show stopper Bass at 69kg !!!

Felix good one at 31kg

Wang hidden with the 34kg pig

Young stoked with his hog 37kg

David again with monsters

Wang again with one in the high 30's !!

Happy team with one for the table