Monday, February 13, 2017

YTK addicts hit the Three Kings

Hi all well the Three Kings continue to produce the goods trip after trip with no let up in the monster kingi's, Bait was the big winner this week  for some reason they didn't bite the metal well at all and we had some gun jiggers onboard as well, but put a bait of any sort down and it would get smashed straight away, goes to show that sometimes you have to give them what they want. Bass and hapuka again were not too hard to find with Andrew landing the showstopper of the week at 40kg. Water temps are all over the place with 20c plus on the shelf and 16c on the king bank been a funny season with these cold upwellings. The boys did 2 nights on the canyons trying for a sword with only 1 hook up that ended in a broken mainline gutted. till next week cheers Lance
Denise monster 44kg 

Andrew nice table Bass

Ant's 31kg

Andrew solid 32kg

Andrew getting into the action

Faddy one of his many over 30kg

Shorty with one of his hogs

Faddy with this mule 34kg

Faddy with a pig on the jig  35kg

Shorty with another thumper 

Denise with a good sized Bass

Ants with another pig 33kg

Andy cant  stop smiling 

Faddy with yet another hog

Andy stoked with the big pigs

Denise with this heavy weight contender 35kg 

Andy with more monster Bass

Shorty with a nice average sized one 

Ant's again with another solid model 32kg

One happy man and rightly so with the number of hogs he landed

Kerry with her monster that went 33kg well done

so many over 30 it wasn't funny

Another in the high 30's

Faddy with  yet another monster 37kg

Mine is bigger than yours HaHa

Dennis with a fat one

Ant's getting into it !!

more mules

Andy with this hog 38kg

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