Friday, February 17, 2017

Three Kings still on fire

Hi all, well the king's are still on fire this week with the latest group landing many hogs over the benchmark of 30kg, lots and lots in the high 20's as well, didn't manage to break the 40kg mark but Kurt came so close at 39kg. Hapuka and Bass are still biting well with no problem nailing a feed for the folks back home. The only real change is on the marlin front with not one shot in the miles we travelled, not sure why this is as this should be the peak of the marlin season and we just are not stumbling over many at all. till next week cheers Lance
Bevo 32kg

Jase 31

Kurt 30kg

Matty 36kg

Bucko Fat 33kg

Bevo staining to lift this 29kg king

Karl with a nice sized Bass

Jase hidden behide this monster Bass

Bucko nice 32kg

Jase  31kg

Kurt with the showstopper  at 39kg !!!

Pea man  with a good one in the 30's

Jase huge 37kg pig

Peaman again with a good one over 30kg

Bevo nice table puka

Bucko with his solid Bass

You do this when you drink too much

Karl solid 34kg

Peaman again on the hogs

Bevo  33kg

Karl again on a solid king

Corky 36kg

beaten by the kingi's

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