Sunday, February 5, 2017

Three Kings still going strong

Hi all, well the Kings are still going strong, continuing to produce good trips one after another with the latest group a great bunch of boys from Melbourne. The Kingies were as good as they have been all year and are in great condition with a lot of bait out on the King Bank at the moment. As a result a lot of mainly smaller kingies and Trevally are up schooling on the surface and while not of any great size, still provided some entertainment on the stick baits with light gear.  A few quick drifts on the bottom fish yielded a solid 56kg Bass out of shallow water and the Marlin are starting to turn up in better numbers with shots on the lures on both the way up and down and another one nailing a livie while drifting for kingies. Till next week, cheers, Phil

Jase 32kg

Ants 33kg

Mick bent bad

Mick 35kg

Mark nice one on the jig

George with one in the mid twenties

Mark 26kg

Jase 25kg

Jase, just under 30

a couple of rods that didn't make it..,.

a couple of the boys loaded up

Ants, high 20's

Mick nice one at 34kg

Jake with an average one

Jase with a monster Bluenose

Jake with the showstopper Bass at 56kg

Ants breaking the 30's

Jase 31kg

Mark 32kg

Jake feeling the burn

Jake 31kg

Ants just under 30

Jim bang on 30kg

Jase 34kg

Jake solid at 35kg

Jase 31kg

Jake with another nice one

Jase 30kg

Jim 31kg

Ants 27kg

Jake behind the biggest kingy at 36kg

George 32kg

Marks solid effort, a 23kg King caught on the anchor on 20lb line, fight time 45 miuntes

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