Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hiway Stabilizers hit the Kings

Hi all just back from Hiway Stabilizers annual trip up to the Three Kings and once again it was another stunner on all counts. As I said last week the Marlin fishing was due to turn around with all the right ingredients there and sure enough it did this week with 7 shots, 4 hook ups and 3 landed. The Kingi's were back at their best and seem to be punching well above their weight this year for some reason with the average mid-twenties fish fighting like a 30+. Maybe its just all the feed out there, its hard to say, not that we're complaining. The Bottom fishing, like the rest of it, was right up there as well with they boys taking home a good feed of Bass to add to the crays gathered from a couple of dives. With trips like these its hard to leave not wanting more, till next week cheers, Phil
Damon hooked up to his first Marlin

est. 65kg

Irish happy with this one

Mike bent bad

Ryan feeling the pressure

Go the 9/0!!!

Scully 34kg

Another Three Kings Hog

Scully 31kg

Mike with a rat...

Damon 38kg

Loading up on the Bass

Scully with a solid Bass

Hayden with a nice eater

Mike with his massive 45kg Bass

Damien hooked up to his first Marlin

est. 100kg

Damon struggling to lift this hog

Mike breaking the 30's

Scully 32kg

Scully into the Hogs again

Hayden 30kg

Damon just under 30kg

Damien with the 40kg showstopper

Scully 35kg

Hayden 32kg

Scully just under 30

Mike 31kg

Brett's 36kg Hog

Mike smashing the 30='s

Scully with another horse

Ryan's Stripey

estimated 50kg

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