Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Three Kings going mental!!

Hi all, well the Three Kings are just going absolutely mental at the moment, the latest trip another cracker with the Kingies biting especially well. The action was full on at times, with 5 or 6 of the boys loaded up on good fish at the same time on multiple occasions. While we didn't manage to break the 40kg mark this time we still got quite a few nice fish in the mid to high 30's with a ridiculous amount in the low 30's as well. Marlin are still about with Craig sticking a pin in a nice Stripey on the way up with another couple of shots on the journey home. Bass are also around in good numbers with Johnny landing the best,  a very impressive fish which pulled the scales down to 72kg. Till next week cheers, Phil.  
Craig's Stripey on the trace est. 120kg
Craig hooked up to his first Marlin

Craig high 20's

The first victim...

Steve 31kg

Grant just under 30

Steve 25kg

Dave with an average weight fish at 26kg

Darren with a king bank hog

Paul 32kg

Dave 34kg

Craig solid at 33kg

Dave 32kg

Johnny 30kg

Grant 27kg

Grant 34kg

Dave close at 29kg

Craig's massive 37kg Hog

Steve breaking the 30's

Johnny's Bass pulling the scales down to 72kg

Darren working hard

Darren into the hogs again

Johnny's showstopper Bass

Craig with a nice eater

Aaron with a nice one

Johnny bang on 30kg

Johnny with another horse

Paul solid at 35kg

Johnny 32kg

King Bank going off!!!

Johnny 31kg

Dave 33kg

Dave's 38kg showstopper

Steve 30kg

Friday, February 24, 2017

Metal mayham at the kings

Hi all just back from our latest trip, this week we had the boy's from  Jigstar Africa and their  metal junkies all wanting to get into some solid kingfish action, and yet again the place didn't disappoint. Jigging was to be the method and monster kingi's the target, bait was to be used only as a last resort, pleasing to say the jigs worked very well at times with no problem in hooking up but depending on time of day they would go off the jigs and baits were used to entice the bite. when all the dust settled the two biggest fish of the trip fell to the metal going 41kg and 42kg to Andre the giant slayer, Bass bit the metal well with no none taken on bait and the size was right up there with most breaking the 40kg barrier. cheers till next week when we take part 2 of jigstar's Africa's team for some more metal mayham.

Ely getting into the action 

Ely with one of his many monster over 30kg

Ely 37kg monster

Warren solid  29kg

Ely again monster at 39kg

Andre massive 41kg pig on the jig

Ely 37kg mule

Ewan 42kg bass

Ely  38kg

Warren 32kg

Celeste  33kg 

Warren nice Trev slow pitch around the islands

Slow pitch fun around the islands

Topwater action

Celeste with a monster trev

More mules for Ely

Andre the giant slayer 42kg on the jig !!!!