Friday, January 13, 2017

Three Kings Still on Fire

Hi all, well it's still all go at the kings with no real slow down. Kingi's continue to attack any form of bait or jig that is offered to them with the latest trip yet another stunner, many in the high 30's were found and plenty in the mid 20's as well. Same old story with the Bass no problem in finding good numbers and the showstopper a massive 75kg landed by PG who only weights 57kg himself. The hot news is traveling days are getting way more exciting with 2 marlin tagged one on the way up and one on the way home, great way to start and finish a trip with a stroppy striped marlin to deal with. Water temps at the kings continue to suffer from strong upwelling's with  green 16c water  you only need to head 15nm or so to the east and it becomes 19.5c and blue as, plenty of bait around the banks and when the water does come right watch out the place  will become marlin central till next week cheers Lance
Song 33kg

Chang 28kg

Young Wang 36kg monster on the jig !!

Newbe 34kg

Guo 34kg

Old Wang 29kg

Guo 31kg

Newbe 33kg

Guo  32kg

Old Wang  30kg

Guo 40kg bass

Song 31kg

Old Wang 38kg Bass

Guo  45kg Bass

Newbe  Bass

PG with his 75kg pig

Wang about to release his tagged stripey

Newbe with a 20lb snapper

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