Saturday, January 7, 2017


Jacky 34k

Blair 36kg

Jerry 48kg

Hi all, well the three kings are just exploding with the latest trip just a battlefield. Kingi's have really upped their game yet again with so many over 30kg it was just ridicules, and the showstopper weighed in at a massive 48kg stunning bite to say the least.  they didn't seem to be too fussy with jigs and baits all getting nailed, Kingi fishing doesn't get any better than what's on offer right now that's for sure.  Bottom bouncing for the deep creatures is just about as good as the hot kingi's, with many solid bass found and enough great tasting bluenose to make it interesting best going a huge 51kg. On the game fishing scene a few blue marlin and more stripey's being caught out wide of the cape, but the water at the kings is suffering from strong upwelling's and a cold 16c, we were lucky enough to nail a good stripey on the way back making travelling lots more fun.  Till next week cheers Lance.    
Another shot of the monster

Lee 37kg pig

Young 32kg

Allan 30kg

Three piece rod

Jacky 35kg

Blair 29kg

Lee 31kg

allan another hog 34kg

Young 32kg

Blair 33kg

Young 47kg pig

Ming nice bluenose

Jerry nice bluenose


LEE 36kg

Jerry 51kg
Ming with another monster Bass 45kg

Another shot of the 51kg pig
Ming super long 37kg

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