Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Three Kings madness

Hi all, just back from another stunning 5 days of Three Kings madness and what can I say it does not get much better than this. It all started on the trip up with a double of Stripey's with Chris landing the smaller of the two at 70kg and John landing a very stroppy 130kg fish not long after. The Kingies were again at their best with the average fish still maintaining around the mid 30's bracket.   Bottom fish were not too difficult to come by, chuck in a few crays from an early morning dive and a good feed was had by all, with a nice variety of  fat Bluenose Puka and Bass in the mix. With the Kingies and Bottom fish well and truly ticked off by the end of Day 3, Marlin and swords were the target for the remaining days. A couple of shots on the Marlin unfortunately didn't stick while an Oil fish was all we got to show for our swordy efforts, though still an interesting catch nonetheless. Till next week cheers, Phil

Chris' 70kg Stripey ready for release

John's 130kg Stripey on the trace
Chris hooked up to his Marlin

John's Marlin getting aerial

And again

Mark loaded up on a Kingie

Tim getting close to the rail...

Chris bang on 30kg

Oh no!

Mark with one in the mid- twenties

Marmite 31kg

Hot bite on the King bank

Chris 27kg

Drew with a deep 34 kegger

Marmite 33kg

Drew close at 29kg

Drew 30kg

Drew with the best Puka

Marmite with a solid Bluenose

John with a nice Bass

Drew feeling the burn of a big Bass

And the best Bass at 44kg

Chris with a nice eater

Drew with a nice table Puka

Tim with a nice double header of Blue Dogs
Chris 30kg

Tim 31kg

Drew, just under 30kg

John 32kg

Drew somewhere behind the 40kg showstopper

Mark with a 38kg Barrel

Marmite 34kg

Drew 35kg

Marmite with a massive Trev

Tim with the Oil fish

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