Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Three kings Carnage

Hi all just back from another great kings trip, we had a great bunch of boys from the Mitcham angling club Aussie and  again the kingis bit like no tomorrow, baits seemed to produce some of the bigger fish but jigs still held their own with  many solid fish in and around the 30kg mark. Bass and puka are coming on strong with the best going a solid  48kg and many more close behide. Was a real pleasure this week to see the boys armed with good gear and not many fish lost, we keep saying dont take a knife to a gun fight you will lose every-time. Till next time cheers Lance
Pete 30kg

Ben 28kg

James 31kg

Mick 33kg

Pete 32kg

Shane 33kg

Ben 29kg

Robert 30kg 

Mick again breaks the 30  at 34kg

Brendon 33kg

Ben monster on the jig 36kg

Mick again on the monsters high 30's

Nice average of 28kg

Shane monster pig 42kg

More mules 37 kg

Mick with the massive hog at 46kg !!!!

Pete nice 32kg

More fatty's

Brendon at 35kg

Ben huge puka 

Shane with his pig of a Bass  44kg

Pete happy with this solid Bass

James with huge Hapuka 39kg

Pete with the showstopper 48kg !!!

Robert again breaks the 30kg barrier 

Teamleader happy with this model

James stoked as with this thummer 34kg

Nice one on the stickbait !!

Pete testing to see if the hooks are sharp, YEP they are !!!!

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