Friday, December 15, 2017

Ranfurly heating up

Hi all, just back from a successful Ranfurly trip with a great bunch of boys from Singapore and things are starting to heat up. It was all about the lures on this one with all the fish falling to Jigs as well as some  nice fish on stick baits as well. Puka were easy to come by, despite nothing of any great size, and a few nice Trumpeter were good to see as well. The little tuna have shown up, mainly skippies, as well as a nice Albacore on a stick bait. With the bait there the Marlin cant be to far behind, till next time cheers, Phil.

M.M. doing well to hold up this 35kg Ranfurly Hog
Terrence with a solid one
Boris feeling the burn

Djanson just under 30 

Jayden with an average one

Jayden with a nice Albacore on a stick bait

Roger high 20's

M.M. with another nice King

Simon 31kg on a stick bait

Roger with an average Ranfurly Puka

Boris with one of the bigger Hapuka

Jayden 30kg (stick bait)

Terrence happy with this one

Jayden into the Bass

Terrence hooked up in perfect conditions

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hi all, just a few quick pics of some of the better fish coming out of White caught by the boys from J.A.Russell aboard Cova Rose during their latest annual end of year work trip.
Roy with a White Island hog on the change of light

Ryan with a solid king

Dylan doing well on the jigs

Mike happy with this one

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hi all, just back from another good session on the Kingi's out at White with Nick Barker and the boys from K & B Plumbing in Auckland. With the water temperature climbing significantly in the last few weeks the fishing has started to really heat up. Great to see the Kingi's showing up behind the boat at night as well making for some exciting fishing both by night and by day. Till next time cheers, Phil.

Cameron with a solid White Island King
Mike happy with this one at 24kg
Azza with an average one

Pete hooked up on the Jig Star Ninja Pe 4-8
Pete's P.B. at 22kg
The Ninja paired with a Maxel Trans Former F70H to do the damage

Sunday, November 5, 2017

White Island firing up

Hi all, just a few pics of some of the better fish caught out at White this morning on the latest overnight trip. Good to see the fish hitting the jigs as well. Cheers, Phil
Mark with the best of the day

Colin with a solid one
Bevan loaded up

Bevan with his best on the Jig

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A solid Kingi caught by Curtis at White Island this week on Cova Rose

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cova Rose into the action again

Hi all, just on our way in from another successful West Coast Bluefin trip, the latest producing this solid 300kg model for Lane Hocking this morning. With the good weather set to hang around for the next couple of days, Cova and crew will be straight back out there getting amongst it, till then cheers, Phil


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Big Boys show up on the West Coast

Hi all, just back from another successful West Coast Bluefin trip, the latest resulting in the first Pacific for the season, a very stroppy 220kg fish landed by Tim Macdonald after an impressive 3 hour and 30 minute fight. With the Pacific's now amongst us we are looking forward to some more epic battles in the coming weeks, till then cheers, Phil  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

bluefin season underway on the westcoast

Hi all, well the West Coast Bluefin tuna season is under way, just back from the first trip already producing a nice SBT caught by Matt Jackson and his team from the South Island. Taping out at 140kg, there are a lot more Hoki boats out here for us to chase this year and we are getting reports from the skippers on the factory trawlers that the Pacific Tuna have turned up as well. With that said, we are extremely excited for the next trip due to sail in a few days so watch this space cheers, Nate

Monday, June 12, 2017

The kings turn it on for our last trip of the season

With a nice 95kg striped marlin was landed on  the trip. The kingies bit well with some nice fish caught . The bass really turned it on for the boys with some very large fish landed  The biggest was in the mid 70 kg mark and some nice fish between 65 and 50 kg
Dan centre with his 95kg marlin

Frank with a nice fish

Dan with another beast

Dan does it again

warren with his fish


Shane with a goody

Neil with a 30 kg king

Richie with a solid fish

Richie with a good bass

Neil with a show stopper 75kg Bass

Shane with mid50kg Bass

Neil with yet another show stopper at 63kg bass

Shane with a good bass


frank and Dan with there fish