Sunday, December 11, 2016

Let The Games Begin


28kg on the stickbaits

Getting bent around the islands
Hi all, well Enchanter has kicked the ball off to another Three Kings season with the first one of many trips done and dusted, and it was like where have you guy's been? we've  had no one to play with. We had a very keen group from Centaur fishing tackle china wanting to do a jig only trip with no baits to be used, these purest trips can sometimes be hard work in if the fish aren't biting metal we have got problems, but in this case it came under the label it's all good. Kingi's were found in good numbers on both banks and around the islands with many in the high 20's and enough over 30  to give the boys some real problems. Stickbaiting around the islands went well with some solid fish in the high 20's, great visuals with these thugs smashing the baits on top. Hapuka and bass were found in good numbers as well with some true monsters the best going a massive 48kg, then throw in some hog bluenose sometimes too on one jig yes true photo to show, and you can see way this place is so special. On a sadder note at times the boys were well under gunned,  and it was disappointing with many of the top end fish lost to the reef or busted  off, we keep saying it till we are blue in the face! the kings is no place for anything other than the heaviest tackle. believe me no one likes seeing most of the big fish lost, something to REALY think about if you have a trip up here that's for sure. Till next week Cheers Lance  

another nice one on the top water

solid kingi just under 30kg

bluenose bit well on the jigs

Two bluenose on one jig !!!

Mule of a Hapuka at 43kg

The showstopper at 48kg !!

Everyone hooked up

Another nice puka on the jigs

Lots of kingi's in the high 20's

More puka on metal

The Monster at 36kg !!

Our angler needs to sit with his kingi

Hot bite on the king bank

Another solid king

Many of this size

So many just under 30kg

Fat one at 31kg

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