Friday, June 3, 2016

Hog city at the Kings

Dave peering over his massive 38kg Three Kings Kingi
Hi all, well it really is Hog city up at the Kings at the moment, our latest group from Waiheke Island getting into some Monster Kingi's and some even bigger Bass. The Bass have finally started spawning up hard, the biggest going a massive 62kg's, one of four monsters caught on a drift which produced three 40kg Bass as well. With a good feed secured we left them biting, just what else is down there we will find out next week. The Kingi's are as good as they have been all year, Dave landing the best at a very respectable 38kg's. It's a bit of a shame that with just one more Kings trip for the season to go we will be leaving the Kings firing at it's best, till next week cheers, Phil.

Mark 27kg

Dave with one in the mid 20's

Steve happy with this one

Mark's 36kg Horse

Byron feeling the burn

High-Vis Chris working hard

All the boys hooked up to Big Bass

Mark's 40kg Bass

Dave's 42 kg Bass

Dan with a solid Puka

Aaron with a scarred up Puka

Steve with the 62kg showstopper Bass

Byron with a solid Bass

Byron with a nice Kingi

Another shot of Dave's 38kg Hog

Dan bent bad

Aaron happy with this one

Steve bang on 30kg

Steve with a solid 33kg King

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