Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Kings Still on Fire !!!

shek  releases his stripey
 Hi all, well the kings are just on fire all right it's fishing at it's finest. The big changer this week was marlin have started to put their heads up and bite again, with a nice stripey tagged on the way up and a good blue tagged close to the kings. Yellow fin are still around with  Coop's landing a nice one on the Middlesex bank and loads of Skippy's on both bank's, as said in a previous post we are looking at a good may on the stickface  scene. Kingi's are still just on fire with so many monsters around it's just not funny, so many hogs over the magic mark of 30kg we are really getting spoilt. Bass and Hapuka are spawning and the fishing has really picked up with last two trips landing some real monsters. Man you gotta love this place we are blessed with some of the best fishing on the plant !!. Till next week cheers Lance

Stan with his 32kg king

Greenie hooked up

Greenie's hog at 33kg

Hot bite on the king Bank everyone hooked up !!

Greenie with another monster 34kg

Stan with a solid Bass

Carl monster at 37kg

boy's into the action

Andy huge at 36kg

More action

Greenie with another over 30-kg

Roudy 34kg

Carl with more hogs

Carl again in the action

Shek   nice at 31kg

Coop's YFT

Greenie with a solid Hapuka

Another solid puka

Andy with his big puka

Great puka fishing everyone hooked up !!

Stan and Hodgie happy with their hogs

Roudy good  double header bluenose & puka

Coop's huge Bluenose 32kg !!

Hodgie with a monster puka

Andy more monsters

Hodgie  pig at 36kg

Greenie monster at 35kg

Carl's showstopper at 38kg !!

Hodgie with the biggest Bass at  a huge 72kg !!!!

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