Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Kings Before the Storm

Hi all, just back from another great Kings trip with a group of Aussies and this time it was all about the big Kingi's. With just a couple of days out on the banks before we would have to make a run for cover the boys put in a massive effort and fished hard, bodies well and truly broken by the end of each day. It seems the Kingi's knew what was on the way as well, the Hogs feeding up before the storm, Michael taking the title with a very impressive 42kg Kingi. With just a few more Kings trips to go for the season the countdown is on and Cova and crew are getting amped up to head down South for the Bluefin. Till next week cheers, Phil.

Michael hidden behind the 42kg showstopper
Pete into the Hogs

Jake feeling the burn
Jake smashing the 30's
Pete bent bad

Pete bang on 30kg

Dave hooked up

Dave with a solid Kingi

The boys working hard on the stern

Jake 34kg

Adam breaking the 30's

Michael just under 30kg

Jake with more Hogs

Michael with another nice one in the high 20's

Brock under pressure

Brock happy with this one

Lazar in the high 20's

The whole railed hooked up on good Kingi's

Adam 28kg

Adam railed as

Adam solid on the jig

Beasley testing his gear to the max

Michael with another good one

Vass breaking the 30's at 33kg

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