Friday, May 6, 2016

More of the same at the Kings

Hi all, more of the same again at the Kings this week, more Hog Kingi's and even more bottom fish. We seem to be repeating ourselves week to week but the Kingi's have just been relentless. The journey up was very quite with only 8 skippies to show for our efforts, luckily however there were plenty out on the banks to provide a steady stream of bait. The bottom fishing was back at its best this time round, with double headers and 100% hook up rates along the whole rail not uncommon on most drifts. No shots on the Marlin this time, just what must have been one very hungry Thresher who spent a good minute plus trying to smash one of our lures. With all those skippies out on the banks the Marlin can't be far away though, till next week cheers, Phil

Rooter 30kg

Shanan 33kg

Rooter with a solid Kingi

Shanan 34kg

Shanan with a Three Kings Hog

We do catch small ones as well...

Beef Cake happy with this one

Shanan with another Hog
Keeman high 20's 

Rooter breaking the 30's at 33kg

Cookie with a nice one

A 'small' one for Shanan

Shanan testing his jig rod to the max 

Rob breaking the 30's

Gibbo under pressure 

Rob with another solid one

Rob 32kg fatty

Rooter with a solid Bass

Mincey with a nice eating Bass

Rooter with a nice Puka

Bottom fishing at it's best

Keeman holding up Gibbo's Bass, 46kg

Rob with yet another over 30kg

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