Friday, May 13, 2016

More Mules freom the Kings

Joel with a fat 30kg king
 Hi all, Just back from our latest trip to the kings and it's mule city. Bass have started their spawn and are proving challenging in the shallow water (80-130mtrs), try stopping them with anything other than the heaviest  tackle, and you lose as they dive onto the foul ground for cover. Kingi's were again found in good  size with Charlie landing the showstopper at a massive 39kg and everyone breaking their P.B.s. Marlin have put on a bit of a show with one tagged on the way up and john keeping one for the smoker on the way home, still many reports of marlin down both coasts so we are expecting a last flurry on the stickfaces. Till next week cheers Lance
Mark under pressure

Charlie solid at 31kg

John with another good one

Joel hidden by his  big  bass

Charlie doing the damage on the big jigs

Dman happy with his Bass

Mark stoked with his solid bass

Simon breaks the 30kg barrier

Mark with a good one in the high 20's

Charlie pig at 34kg

More mules

Charlie with the showstopper massive 39kg 

Dman super long king at 36kg !!!!

Father and son team stoked with dad's first marlin

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