Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Metal Mayham at the Kings

RJ fat 28kg king

Japrie loaded as !!
 Hi all, just back from our latest trip from the kings and this time we had a great bunch of blokes from Malaysia wanting to tackle with the Three king monsters. jigging was the preferred method and produced good results but the biggest kingi's fell to the few live baits that were used. Bass still remain in good numbers and size with Zein landing the showstopper at 42kg, Marlin are still around with  one nice stripey released to fight another day. Till next week cheers Lance
Ahmad bent bad !
Ahmad solid jig caught king

RJ under pressure

Siswa happy with this 27kg model

Japrie happy with his big Bass

Zein monster at 42kg

First of the broken rods !!!!

Ahmad with another good one

Ken nice kingi on the jig

5 days of this hard to take

Zein's marlin about to be released

Lance I can't fight anymore kingi';s  

Zein with a 32kg mule

Siswa feels the burn

RJ's breaks the 30kg barrier

Siswa on the jig

Hazzar with his 30kg king

RJ strikes again on the Jig

Zein with another beast 34kg

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