Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Three Kings as good has it has been all season

Caleb with a fat as Three Kings Kingi

Hi all, just back from the Kings again and it was just as good as it has been all season. The Kingi's were in good numbers and size again, the biggest going a solid 35kgs and a few lost, just how big they were we will never know. 100 pound braid and 150 pound trace breaking under the shear strain, with just four trips to go if your coming up make sure you bring HEAVY gear, it just not worth risking losing that fish of a lifetime. On a more positive note, the water temperatures are still right up there, the latest surprise a nice school of mahimahi which followed one of our Bass up. However, with these warmer then usual water temperatures for this time of year the Hapuka and, to a lesser degree, the Bass, still haven't quite kicked into full spawning mode. The boys are now rearing to go, they're just waiting on the females. Till next week cheers, Phil 

Ben bent bad

Ben 30kg

Hayden with a solid one

Matt with a Three Kings Hog

Dan with one in the high 20's

Mark into the action

Dan with another goody

Ben hooked up

Ben with the 35kg Hog

Brayden breaking the 30's at 31kg

Ben with another solid one

Brayden 33kg

Hayden's 42kg Basss

Matt with a nice Bluenose

Scotty with a solid Puka

Jonesy with a massive Puka 

All the boys getting into the Big Puka's

A nice school of MahiMahi buzzing the boat

Ben hooked up to his Marlin

Unfortunately the hook pulled on the trace so we didn't get a good photo

Scotty with another good Kingi

Scotty testing his gear

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