Monday, April 18, 2016

Three Kings Kingi fishing at it's BEST !!!!

Benny hooked up
 Hi all, well as the tittle  states kingi fishing at it's best, they are just on fire at the moment with the latest  trip landing no fewer than 30 kings over the magic mark of 30kg. Just insane bite with the jigs working as well as everything else that got put into the water, dead baits, live baits, jigs, an old shoe well not quite but you get the picture, day after day the bite went on till the boys were stuffed. The big changer that caused it was the squid that have been in plague proportions have finally moved on, and with no more bulk loads of the candy bait around the kingis have found their apatite again. Marlin still about in good numbers with the boys managing 2 from 3 bites. Hapuka was only wanted for a feed with the boys flying home and Theo managed that with a good one that feed all for dinner. Till next week cheers Lance  
Miyagi with his first over 30kg

Benny 32kg

Michael bent bad

Brownie under pressure  

Jeff monster on the jig 38kg

Michael another monster at 35kg 

Theo loaded up

Theo happy at 32kg

Benney  31kg

George smiles with his 32kg king

Miyagi again breaks the 30kg on the jig

Benney hooked up

Brownie loaded

Brownie with his hog

Hooking up everywhwere

Brownie 33kg

Jeff on the jig

Theo with another mule 34kg

Benney bent bad

Miyagi slaying them on the jig

Benney more angry kingi's

Jeff hog 34kg

Theo monster at 36kg

Benney again over 30kg

George again with hogs

Brownie with another solid king

Brownie so many over 30kg

Michelle 29kg

Michael monster 37kg

Brownie so many 30kg+

Benney 33kg

Theo with dinner

Brownie 34kg pig

Theo with another solid one

Michael with the showstopper sling weighed at 40kg !!!

George monster at 38kg !!

Theo more monsters

Michelle's monster at 36kg

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