Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Three Kings the good times keep rolling

Nev 28kg

Chedda  solid 33kg king
 Hi all, well the good times keep on rolling with all everything firing well at the Kings. Latest trip was yet another stunner with some real monsters landed and lost, The big downer was the monster sword we lost after 6hrs, we had it close twice and with the fish tired at only about 30mtrs away the hook pulled Dam !!!. But the boys went onwards and upwards with steve later that day landing a stunning blue marlin that taped out at 195kg. Kingi's again bit well with many over the magic mark of 30, Hapuka and Bass were found in good numbers with enough bluenose to make a variety of great table fish for the boys to take home. Sorry there was no post of last weeks trip as we had Shane Murton from Fishing SA magazine onboard and he will be doing an article on the trip so look out for it in the next coming months, should be a great read. Till next week cheers lance
Chedda  32kg

Adrian happy with this 33kg kingi

Cookie hog at 34kg

Nev  34kg pig

Evan 31kg

Chedda again with monsters 35kg

Al happy at 33kg

Steve nice 31kg

Evan nice average kingi

Chedda's monster puka 42kg

Adrian with good Hapuka 

Al solid kings Bass

Adrian nice bluenose 

Chedda fat as Bass

Steve 195kg blue marlin

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