Saturday, April 30, 2016

More Maddness at the Kings

Steve's 31kg kingi
 Hi all, just back from our latest trip to the kings and it's full steam ahead with the kingi's still biting their  heads off. The quality is still right up there with so many hog sized kings it's unreal, fish in the 20's are released without photo or cheering with only kings breaking the 30kg mark worthy of photo. Bass are starting their spawn and moving up into the shallows with many monsters on the lose, great battles are going down some won some lost with them charging like a stampeding elephants. Water temps have taken a hit with all the cold southerly's of late but with many marlin  still on the coast we are expecting a good may on the marlin scene. Till next week cheers Lance
Mark 30kg even

Steven monster at 37kg

Hipo 35kg monster

Steven with another sold king

Steve's 33kg

Hipo 34kg pig

Gman's hog at 36kg

Gman on the heavy gear

Steve again with hogs

Steve so many over 30kg !!

Steven solid 34kg

Steve with yet another monster

Steven more mules

Mark with his 34kg hog

Hot bite on the King Bank

Steve's solid puka

Steven's monster bass  61kg

Steven finds another monster Bass

Gman with his monster Bass 53kg

Steve's big Bass

Steven loaded hard !!

Bent rods everywhere on a hot bite

Hipo 34kg

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