Sunday, April 24, 2016

More King Bank Monsters

Jimmy's 38kg mule
 Hi all, well it's just the same old story massive fish everywhere, big statement but bigger fish. Kingi's are so much on the bite it's silly day after day they continue to bite there heads off, and size is just unreal so many big fish around with the latest group again nailing 30 plus fish over the 30kg mark and Kevin getting the showstopper at 41 weighed on the sling and released .Bass have started to move into the shallows with both the two biggest fish caught in just over 70mtrs of water, think a bass doesn't fight  try a monster in shallow water taking 50mtrs of line at will  awesome battle. Marlin have put their heads down just for now with only 1 shot and many other boats reporting the same, watch this space as this will change may being a great month for the angry stickfaces. till next week cheers Lance
Phil's monster at 36kg

Jimmy bent bad

Steve nice one at 31kg

Mike's one of 8 over 30kg

Mike hard at work

Mike with another good one

Jimmy solid at 33kg

Kevin sling weighed at 41kg !!!!

Steve with another over 30kg

Mike so many over 30kg this one at 34kg

Mike with more mules

Wayne's hog at 32kg

Austin loaded

Austin 34kg pig

Bent rods everywhere

doing it up front

Kevin with another monster 36kg

Jimmy with a solid king 35kg

Mike always in the action

Jimmy Loaded Hard

Jimmy so many mules

Mike again finds monsters

Phil in PAIN !!!

Wayne huge 56kg Bass

Mike cant stop catching monsters 

Phil with a nice Bluenose

Austin with his good eating nose

Puka fishing at it's best everyone bent on monsters !!

Steve huge at 42kg

Austin monster Bluenose

Mike's Bluenose

Jimmy lift's this solid puka up for a photo

Kevin stoked with yet another pig

Mike's showstopper massive Bass at 71kg!!!

Mike again

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