Saturday, April 23, 2016

More consistent fishing at the King's

Chris' 36kg Hog

Hi all, just back from another good trip up to the Kings with a great bunch of boys from Hamilton, the Kingi's remaining consistent and a few bigger bottom fish showing up. With all the rain of late and all that freshwater running into the harbour it was a real struggle to catch livies at the wharf this week, thankfully though the Kingi's aren't being too fussy at the moment taking dead baits, both whole and cut. On the other hand, the big Bass are full of row and seem to be starting to move into the shallows to spawn, the deeper spots still holding good numbers, but not too many of notable size. Luckily on the way back into the Islands however  we found a new rock which produced some better size Bass and Hapuka. To top the trip of the boys hopped in for a dive on the way home which produced some nice crays, a great end to another successful trip. Till next week, cheers Phil.

Warzo with a nice King 

Foote 31kg

Charlie with a nice one at 34kg

Warzo feeling the burn

Warzo 31kg

Another shot of Chris' Hog

Warzo with another nice one

Hot Kingi bite on the King Bank
Foote breaking the 30's at 32kg

Foote's 40kg Bass
Warzo feeling the power of a good Bass
Warzo with a solid Hapuka

Charlie's 35kg Bass

Chris with a massive 38kg Puka

Ernie with another goody

Foote fat as at 33kg

Tucker with his 32kg Kingi

Tucker with another one in the high 20's

Foote 26kg

Tucker bent bad

Charlie 30kg

The spoils of the boys' dive

Chris' huge red

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