Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jig Star Hits the kings

Tim with a nice one

Mark happy at 31kg
 Hi all just back from our latest trip with Chris Wong From Jig Star, Again the kings produced some great fish with a few surprises as well, Mark finding a very solid southern Bluefin Tuna that went a stonking 90kg very rare for this area, just goes to show that you never know what's out there at times. Kingis are a bit fussy at the moment with so much big juicy squid around they only want the best, making jigging and even livebaiting hard at times, put a big juicy squid on your hook and it's game on straight away. Hapuka and Bass are still biting everything well, jigs livies whatever they don't mind and still some solid bluenose turning up as well.
Another solid king

Mark with a double of good Bass

Chris with a solid puka

Greg finds a big one on the jig

Nuthead's thug of a bass

Mark with his big puka

Greg nice Bluenose
Mark again breaks the 30's

George with another goodie 

Mark with the showstopper sling weighed at 37kg !!

Mark with this stunning Southern Bluefin Tuna 90kg
Chris with his first YFT 47kg

Another shot of the Bluefin

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