Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Kings continuing to produce

Hi all, just back from another awesome trip with an awesome group of people where we experienced some of the best fishing the Kings has to offer. Each day produced something new, the trip up resulting in a nice Yellow fin and the first of three Marlin for three Marlin virgins, well done to all. By day the Kingis and bottom fishing were at their best and the action continued at night, coming agonising close to a sword. Unfortunately we lost him at the boat after a great three hour and 20 minute fight. Great effort by Jase nonetheless, try not to think about it too much mate.  I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking, till next week cheers, Phil.
Mick hooked up to his Yellow Fin

Micks YFT 30kg

Michael hooked up to his Marlin 

est. 120kg

Jason hooked up

Mick with a solid Kingi

Jason breaking the 30's

Mick feeling the pressure

Mick with one of his over 30's

Jason bent bad

Abby with a horse

Michael hooked up

Michael 33kg

Jason loaded up

Jason with another hog

Matt's before

Matt's after

Mick hooked up to his Marlin

Mick's Stripey

Est. 110kg

Nicky with a nice King

Matt with an average size King

Mick with more over 30kg

Jason's Kingi, still a great fight with half a tail

Nicky with another goody

Matt close to 30

Abby with another good Kingi

Micks 35kg Bass

Nicky with a nice Puka

Nicky's Bluenose

Mick, over 30. Again.

Matt and Abby stoked with their bottom fish

Nicky close to 30kg

Nicky with a nice fish in the high 20's

Abby's fat as 32kg Kingi

Abby hooked up to her first Marlin

Abby's marlin putting on an aerial display

one of the angriest Marlin I've seen

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