Monday, March 7, 2016

Three Kings On Fire !!!!

Mark's releases his stripey

Turshy 31kg
 Hi all, the kings are on fire big time. The kingi fishing doesn't get better than this!! day after day they have been biting their  tits off, and it's hog city to the max so many over 30's and a few in the 40's to really test the boy's, many fish hooked were just unstoppable with drags cranked up to max and pe8 130lb snapped like cotton, makes you wonder when you see the ones landed how big were the ones that were not !!. BE WARNED if you have a trip booked up here come with the biggest strongest gear available or pay the price. Marlin and tuna are still in good numbers making trolling up and back fun. Till next week cheers Lance
Mark 33kg

Mark's monster 43kg pig !!

Tursh 32kg

Joe 34kg

Tim 34kg

Archie's monster 41kg !!

Tim high stick heaven

Tursh bang on 40kg !!!!

Mark locked in battle

Mark's 32kg

Mick bent bad

Mick 33kg

Tim's 36kg pig

Mark holds on

Mark 34kg

Mick 36kg

Tursh  34kg fatty

Archie 33kg

Mark 35kg mule

Archie 46kg bass

Chris 45kg YFT

Chris insane bend

Chris 34kg

Mick's hog 38kg

Tim 31kg

Chris 33kg

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