Monday, March 14, 2016

More Monsters At the Kings

George nice YFT 

Boy's hooked up

Moonman's 30kg

George 31kg 

Mike 34kg

Jules hooked up

Ropey 29kg

Jules 33kg
Hi all, just back from yet another great kings trip and again it was all good. We had a bunch of mad keen Aussy’s wanting to get almost the freight train kingis, and the place played ball big time with some smoking good hogs up to 39kg. They were a bit fussy at times wanting the candy bait, monster fresh squid that the boys caught at night at the island, jigs and livies worked as well but the big boy’s wanted the big squid, so might pay to throw a few squid jigs in your bag if coming up for a trip. Tuna are again in numbers with some real monsters around one boat landing a 79kg YFT so good to see after many years without them, Marlin have slowed down this week with only one fish landed from two shots in our travels. Till next week cheers Lance


George 38kg mule

Moonman 34kg pig

Moonman with another solid kingi

Mike 32kg

Mike with a nice bass 1 of a double

Ropey happy with his Bass

Mike loaded

Jules horse at 35kg

Scotty bent bad

Scotty happy at 34kg

Mike with another monster 33kg

Moonman's monster 36kg

Ropey 30kg

Jules with yet another pig 34kg

Pirate 34kg

Pirate's 31kg

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