Sunday, March 20, 2016

More Hogs at the kings

Allen nice at 32kg

Andrew railed as !!!
 Hi all, just back from our latest trip and again it was all good.We had to work for our fish this week with the bite slowing down a little, but as you can see from the photo's it's still hog city out there. Marlin and tuna are still around but just not large numbers, this will change with both coasts still firing well and the fish having to head north past us as they go. Couple of tips  if you are headin up here for a trip we are seeing a lot of bust off's with the braid digging into the spool on freshly spooled reels, it is most important that the shops or whoever spools your reel gets it as tight as possible, not only do you loose your monster fish but you then have a reel that you have to dig and cut until you find the end. till next week cheers Lance

Andrew 33kg

Connor bent bad

Jimmy stoked with this fat as hog

Allen again with hogs 33kg

Jimmy hangs on !!

Smoken Joe feels the burn

John's turn to get railed

Joe with another solid hog

Jimmy with more over 30kg

Andrew with a real fatty 34kg

John with his YFT yum Sashimi

Joe lets go his tagged stripey

Andrew happy with his big puka

Conner solid bluenose

Drew with the best Bass 43kg

Norm with his solid puka

Jimmy monster bluenose

Allen with a good kings puka

Jimmy's monster of the deep it took the big jig on !!!!

Joe's dinner

Drew with more mules

John into the hogs as well

Jimmy again with a biggy

Allen's mule at a huge 36kg

Jimmy again on the money

More pigs for Allen

Conner breaks the 30's

Norm 30kg on the nose

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