Sunday, March 6, 2016

King Bank Kingies Firing

Marcus with the 38kg horse

Hi all, well the Kingies well and truly made their presence felt out on the King Bank last trip with some bruising fish putting our boys from Auckland to the test, the biggest going an impressive 38kg's on the scales. A quick session on the jigs off Cape Reinga proved worthwhile with a few P.B.'s broken on the trip up, the best 33kg's and providing a great fight in shallow water. The bottom fish were in good numbers again with a feed not to hard to secure despite some challenging conditions and a nice Yellow Fin of around 30kg's on the trip home was an added bonus to a great trip. Till next week cheers, Phil.
Steve 34kg
Steve working hard

Josh 33kg off Reinga

Josh hooked up

Josh 28kg

Both boats working together to find the fish

Marcus bent bad

Marcus 35kg

Steve 30kg on the jig

Craig 28kg

Marcus with a  nice Bass

Graham's 38kg Bass
Steve's 34kg Bass

Steve with a solid Puka

Craig with a nice King around the Islands

Marcus 27kg

Josh locked in battle

Josh 31kg

Marcus just under 30

Graham 30kg

Craig 32kg
Marcus hooked up to the 38kg horse
Craig with a nice Puka

Ed's 18kg Bluenose

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