Thursday, March 17, 2016

Three Kings Monsters of the deep

Hi all, we have been blessed with stunning weather and even better fishing over the last few weeks with the Kings producing some true monsters of the deep, our latest group a keen bunch of boys from Auckland. The bottom fishing doesn't get much better, the biggest bass going a massive 55kg's on the scales alongside some nice Bluenose and Hapuka, all three coming from the same spots. While the Kingis proved to be frustrating at times, perseverance and a different approach worked well, the biggest Kingis falling to whole Skipjack Tuna. Despite this P.B.'s were still broken proving just how special the Kings can be. Till next week cheers, Phil.

Herewini's Huge 55kg Bass 

John's 36kg Bass

Dave's 34kg Bass

John stoked with his monster Puka

Nutty's 30kg Bass

Lance's Bass

John with a nice Bluenose

Herewini hooked up to the big bass before breakfast

Nutty 34kg hog

Lance 32kg

John 34kg

Dave hooked up on the jig

Dave 33kg

Dave putting the hurt on with the 80 wide

Herewini 32kg

Kane 30kg

John 31kg

Nutty under pressure

Lance 32kg

Kane 28kg

Herewini 27kg

The boys loaded up

Graham fighting his Marlin (last week)

Graham's Stripey est. 70kg

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