Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jig assault at the Kings

Hi all, just back from an all out jig assault at the Kings with Pony Liu and the boys from Jigging Master and again it was all good. Keen to test out some of the latest gear, the Kings provided the perfect place to put the new underhead reels and slow jigs to the test and they certainly produced the goods. The Bass and Hapuka just couldn't resist the slow jigs, as well as just about everything else you could think of including squid, Ray's Bream and Spotted Black Grouper. Meanwhile the underhead reels were a perfect match, combining the stopping power of a spinning reel with the retrieve rate and ease of use of an overhead. I'm sure the JM boys are more than happy with their latest creations. Till next week, cheers Phil.

Buzz stoked with his Three Kings horse

Sumyung Guy with a big Puka

ABL with a solid snapper on the slow jig

Pony breaking the 30's

ABL with a nice Puka on the slow jig

The under head reels being put to work

ABL on the light gear

Pony railed as!!!

Pony with a big Bass foul hooked in the tail

Tai-Hung-Lin with an early morning King

Pony with another over 30kg

ABL with a rarely caught spotted black grouper 

Some nasty looking teeth

Buzz with another nice King

Tai-Hung-Lin with another bass that fell to the slow-jig

The whole rail hooked up to Kingis

Pony with a solid Bluenose

Jed with a nice Bass on the big jig

Bottom fishing at it's best

Pony's 40kg Bass

Everything loved the slow jigs, even this squid

Buzz with another solid King.

Sumyung Guy happy with this Puka on light tackle

Sumyung Guy with a fat as Kingi

Jed with a Kingi with eye brows

Buzz just under 30

Pony and sumyung guy hooked up

ABL with a massive King Terakihi

Jed loaded up

Cameraman Teddy with the result of his one drop, not a bad effort

Friday, March 25, 2016

storm at the kings

Karl workin hard

Chee under pressure
 Hi all well it had to happen and it did the weather turned on us big time. The latest trip was blown apart with gale force winds and huge seas, but we did manage to get one day on the bank with the kingis biting their tits off. They often say that fish bite well before a storm and our boys tangled with some true monsters before having to run for cover, all the boys broke the 30kg barrier with Neil landing the showstopper at 40kg even. Well done guy's you deserve every fish you caught and I promise good weather next year no one can be that unlucky 2 years in a row. Till next week cheers Lance
Chee with this kings hog 38kg

Neil 37kg fatty 

Jack's monster 36kg

Karl breaks the 30 again

Andy breaks the 30 at 32kg

Karl yet another monster

Karl does it again

Neil with another goody

Chee happy with this huge 36kg king

Neil bent bad

Neil with the showstopper 40kg !!! barrel of a fish

Karl close to the magic mark at 39kg so close

Jack happy with his trev

Karl light tackle fun around the islands