Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Three Kings welcomes Cova in style

Hi all, just back from our first trip up the King's for 2016 and we were welcomed in style with big Yellow Fin Tuna in good numbers and a few Marlin thrown in as well to top it off. With the best Yellow Fin for the trip up around the 70kg mark our group of spear fishers from Auckland had some epic battles, both above and later below the water, one of the boys unwillingly sharing his Kingi with the taxman.  In a trip where we did a bit of everything the boys got onto some nice Kingis, monster trevally and even secured a good feed of snaps at North Cape on the last night. It's great to be back up at the Kings, till next week cheers Rhys.

Bruce's YFT est. 50kg

Cornelius 28kg

Jimmy 22kg

Cornelius given some help by the taxman

Allan fighting his Stripey

Allan's Marlin 60kg

Jimmy 21kg

Allan's Kingi

Tom hooked up on the big gear

Jimmy happy with another nice King

Murray happy with his nice Trev

The remains of Tom's battle with a Mako

Bruce hooked up to his Marlin

Est. 110kg

The result of a team effort started by Dave (right) and finished off by Jeremy (left) 

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