Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Kings the Carnage Continues

Wilson's 35kg tuna
 Hi all, Just back from yet another stonker of a trip and man the kings are really turning it on this year. Yellow fin Tuna are in numbers we haven’t seen for years, they are everywhere and good sizes to match we caught 5 with the biggest estimated at 60kg hog of a fish, and marlin are in packs as well,  again we never targeted them but still tagged 3 with many more shots, we even seen them tailing by as we fished for kingi’s. Again the kingi’s bit well with the best going 40kg on the nose, Hapuka are in good numbers and size as well with the best 45kg. Till next week cheers Lance

Nate tracing the monster tuna est 60kg

YFT est 40kg

Adam bang on 30kg

Jase with a nice 32kg

Nick 33kg

Adam 29kg

Nick LOADED !!

Speedy in battle

Nick more over at 35kg mule

Speedy gets a 30kg

Nick with more monsters 34kg

Nick releases a good stripey

Wilson 36kg Hapuka

Speedy's puka

Jase with this bad boy at 45kg

everyone into the puka

Speedy's 32 kegger

Nick so many for him over 30 at 35kg

Tyson fatty at 36kg

Nick with a sharked 37kg

Wilson 's mule just on 40kg

Don't bring cheap gear

Nick testing his saltga Spartan 63 to the max !!!

Nick 33kg

Adam releases his tagged stripey

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