Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Kings Battling Monsters

Kev with a nice YFT

Hi all, well the big news of the week is swordfish success, after the gruelling battle a week or so back, we had a score to settle and settle we did in the way of a true monster. Tim Scott from Silverdale was on strike at 0210 in the morning when line started to howl from the big penn VS80w , what followed was a brutal battle of tug of war with Tim winning the contest after 6  1/2   hours, as the big sword surfaced it wasn’t ours yet as the gaffs went in the monster went nuts at the back of the boat bending gaffs and throwing the boys around like rag dolls, when we finely  got it under control the transom had a fair amount of paint missing, and a few of the boys had bits of skin missing as well. Enchanters biggest sword was weighed at whakatane weigh station and went 293kg , this sword on the deck in my opinion was a fair bit bigger than that, being conservative we estimated its weigh at 300kg well done Tim. Things are really starting to hot up at the kings with YFT and marlin landed as well as a great line up of fine kingi’s, the best going a huge 44kg throw in hapuka and bass to nearly 50kg and you can soon see why we say the Three Kings rock. Till next week cheers Lance



Tim's monster sword

nearly as wide as enchanter

Happy boys

Mark's 32 kegger

Dave with a nice 30kg model

kev's 33kg fatty

Mark struggles to lift this mule at 44kg

Dave happy at 29kg

Kev stoked  at 39kg

Jimmy doing bass battle

Jimmy's Bass

tim with a solid Bass

Kev 28kg

Tim 28kg

Pete again breaks the 30kg barrier

Hot bite on the king bank

Go Jimmy !!!

Jimmy happy as with this 33kg king

Pete again in the 30's at 32kg

Adrian with his big bad Bass 

Dave's 35kg pig

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