Thursday, February 11, 2016

Three Kings the action hots up

Hi all, well the kings is just on fire at the moment with the latest group nailing some true hogs, it didn't matter what bank we were on they attacked everything, livies. jigs, dead baits all were getting smashed by the packs of reef thugs and the average size was right up there with many breaking the 30kg barrier. Marlin are just everywhere at the moment with us tagging 4 including at solid blue. funny thing was we never actually targeted them, we just run a few lures between spots. Bass and puka again were in good supply with the best just under the 50kg mark. till next week and I cant wait Cheers Lance. 
Gazza 32kg
Faddy with a nice YFT

Scotty solid 32kg

Gazza 28kg

Nate releases our 1st stripey for the trip

Hot bite on the Middlesex bank

Dave close at 29kg

Dave's into the 30 bracket at 33kg

Gazza locked in battle

Faddy solid 31kg

Dave your rod is so short now lol

The rod breaker 30kg

Boy's in battle

Antz 33kg

Faddy's monster sling weighed at 42kg

Gazza nice one around the islands

Gazza releases his tagged stripey

Some gang members

Gazza 34kg pig

Antz with another over 30kg

Loaded JM

More monsters for Faddy 35kg

Antz 33kg
The new FCV 1150 furuno finds them kingi's

Faddy's solid Bass 38kg

Dave's releases a solid blue marlin 180kg

Gazza with the showstopper Bass 49kg

Scotty 32kg

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