Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ranfurly Continuing to impress

Hi all, well the Ranfurly continues to impress with some more nice Kingis landed on the last trip, the best going to Jerry at 35kgs, a solid fish and a new P.B. for our lucky angler. The Bottom fishing has also really come into its own in the last few weeks with our Chinese boys from Auckland taking home a good feed of Puka and bottom fish to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Another fish to celebrate was Cova's first Marlin for the season with a Stripey of around 70kg landed on the last trip just off Waihau bay. While not a huge fish it's nice to get one under the belt and was a nice first for our angler Alvin. Till next week, cheers Rhys.

Jerry's 35kg hog
Jerry bent bad

Leon 31kg
Mr Lee 24kg

Leon 27kg
Leon locked in battle

Alvin's King

Alvin 26kg

Leon's 30kg Puka

Leon 28kg

John 25kg

Alvin's Bluenose 20kg
John 24kg

Jerry's 31kg Puka

The boys hold up the Marlin for a quick photo before release

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